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Terms and Conditions for Referral Policy


All clients of MitraMoney shall be eligible to receive an incentive for referring friends/family and prospective clients. Clients would earn upto Rs 10,000/- referal rewards till such time MitraMoney continues to carry on this Referral Incentive policy if all the following conditions are met:

  • All such referred clients must start their investments or avail any other product / services within 60 days of being referred on MitraMoney’s website/application.
    • In case a referred client completes his/her account opening within 60 days of being referred, using the same contact number & email ID as the client referring had inputted during referring such client, it would be recognized as a “Completed Referral”.
    • An act of being referred would include: (a) the referrer inputting the referee’s details, i.e. contact number and email ID, on the referral page of MitraMoney’s website or application; & (b) the referee inputting his/her own contact number & email ID on a referral link/page of MitraMoney, created by the referrer.
    • All Completed Referrals who have started investments or availed any other services on or after July 1, 2021 will be eligible for rewards under this referral program.
    • Mapping will only be considered to introducer/referrer having a prospect sign up and register initially.
  • To begin earning incentives, an existing client would have at least 2 Completed Referrals against his/her Client ID/Name. Referred clients from one customer are not transferable to another customer in any way possible.
  • To request for withdrawal of any such incentives, the minimum payout amount from all brokerage generated, post having 2 Completed Referrals against his/her Client ID, must be Rs. 1,000 (One Thousand Rupees).
    • All payouts made to such clients under this Scheme shall be post Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) which shall be at 5% or as per Applicable Law.
    • In case the amount payable is at least Rs. 5000, a withdrawal request would be accepted as per the Rules of this Scheme.
    • No eligible amount shall be paid out to any client, in case the Client ID of the referred client has been closed/deactivated for any reason whatsoever.
    • All eligible amounts will be deposited in the client’s linked bank account which is in his/her own name and not in any other person’s name.

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