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Innovative Solutions to increase the Company Profitability

Scalable and Customized financial solutions for your company and your employees using smart technology

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Smart Money Management

Group Medical Insurance

Financial Wellness Program

Treasury and Trade Solutions

Smart Money Management

Grow Idle Money

Our solution helps companies earn between 3% – 5% return instead of leaving the balances idle in the current account at 0%

No Lock-in

This can be used to park the amount for as short as 7 days to weeks to months

Safe Instruments

The amount is invested in very safe financial instruments like liquid funds, ultra short term funds etc

One time KYC

It will require a simple one time KYC and then we can keep executing short term parking of idle funds

Our Insurance Products

We have partnered with some of the best Insurance brokers to provide you various solutions under one roof

Super-top up



Group Health

Personal Accident

Group Term

Financial Wellness Program for Employees

Do you know that Financially Happy / Stressed employee creates a direct impact on Corporate Profitability?

Employers who strategies & empower their employees with financial education and tools to improve their situation will see a positive impact across the board

What should organizations do to improve Financial health for their employees?

Take responsibility of employees financial health – Reduces absenteeism & attrition

Make it a part of Employee Benefit Program - Boost company’s productivity & profitability

Seek professional help & right guidance for employees

Make it inclusive – To include all layers of organization

Our Financial Wellness Program

A wholistic program to improve Organization’s Financial Wellness

Our Exclusive Wellness Program on Personal Finance not only guides employees to take care of their financial wellness but also makes them aware about the right ways of money management & investments. We provide plethora of services that will help your employees lead a happier financial life and boost their productivity at work place.

Financial Awareness Sessions

The session give employees good insights about personal finance, connecting with real life examples

Investment Guidance

Diversified investments basis financial goals

Tax Planning and Investments

Right planning to save taxes and hence earn more salary

Term & Health Insurance

We can help employees protect the financial future of their families

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